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The RedLine CDA-Spokane Story

The outdoors hold grandeur and wonder and beckon everyone to explore. There’s something indescribable as you sit with your family and friends around a campfire sharing ghost stories or watching the stars. There’s something completely relaxing as you soak in the sun while cruising the lake in a boat and an unexplainable rush as you own the waves as you wake surf on a pristine lake. There’s a moment of breath-taking clarity when you look out from snow-capped peaks to the valleys below on the back of a snowmobile or UTV. It’s magic, it’s memories, it’s ties that bind you to your family and friends, moments that can never be taken away from you. Outdoor recreation has the power to transport you, your family and your friends to magical memories in nature’s very own wonderland and amusement park, while providing rejuvenation and relaxation at the same time.

We felt that pull to explore and enjoy the great outdoors too. Over a decade ago, we decided we wanted to camp in more luxury and bought our first travel trailer. We explored state and national parks and made memories as a family, inviting others to join us as we recreated in the outdoors. We loved it! We wanted more! We traded our trailer in and bought a bigger trailer, one that fit our family better, and we were off again. We camped over 30 nights one summer alone! But we still looked longingly out at the lakes and wished we could travel to the other side and explore more, but our kayaks just couldn’t get us all over there. Some places we went had trails and roads that begged for us to explore, but not everyone in the family could make it up the mountain by foot or bike. We started wishing for a boat, for off-road toys so we could explore more, relax more, create more memories. More toys cost money and storage, but we were enthusiastic and added side-by-sides and 4 wheelers to our fleet and we played - in the snow, mud, dirt and sand. It was awesome, but we pushed down our desires to be surfing on the lake or snowmobiling the whole mountain. We had run out of room to store toys and tried to make the best of it by renting boats or going out on boats with our friends. We wished there was a way to have them all.

That’s when we learned about RedLine Recreational Toys, and wished there was a location in Spokane! It would be the perfect solution for us and we knew many people just like us who wanted to recreate, but couldn’t afford to own, store or maintain all the toys they wanted. We loved the idea so much, we decided to open one ourselves, and the dream of RedLine CDA-Spokane was born.